auriculares cabeza para comunicaciòn a distancia,1 a 4 km,Bao Yinglai 750 Head Wear Computer Cross- Gift Band Remote Control Telescopic Hifi Headset

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auriculares cabeza para comunicaciòn a distancia,1 a 4 km

Headphone Line Material:Nylon Thread

Lead Length:1.8-2


Types Of:Headset


Frequency Range:1.5 - 4



Headphone Output Sound Source:Universal

Wearing Method:Head Wear

Whether The Wireless Headset:Wired Headphones

Sound Principle:Moving Circle


Headphone Type:Headphones

With Or Without Microphone:Have

Earplugs Earmuffs Material:Cotton

Plug Diameter:3.5mm

Plug Type:Straight

Speaker Diameter:40

Use:Walkie Talkie Headphones,Music Headphones,Mp3 Headset,Speech Headphone,Game Video Headphones,Tv Headset,Ordinary Headphones,Professional Custom,Phone Headset,Sports Headphones,Gaming Headphones,Universal,Computer Headphones

Seller:Credibility Solutions Private Limited